[bug] Android

Hi guys,

I’m busy developing a android application and countered the following problems:
Using “Sleep(100);” causes a compiler error only on the build for android i think its a mismatch on the capital S…
The compiler advises to use “sleep” but visual studio doesn’t know “sleep” only “Sleep”.

Using the sockets to connect over the network:
The FSocket::Connect function returns false even if the connection is just made properly and working.
It’s not inversed, just always returning false.

(Or it must be my code, but it works just fine on pc, only fails on android device itself.
By ignoring the return value the connections is just up and running also on the android device.)

Anyway, maybe it’s usefull information


Hello ,

  1. Please try to use:

  2. As for socket connection, you can try to look at the files SocketSubsystemAndroid.h or SocketSubsystemAndroid.cpp. It looks like these classes do not have implementation of some methods at this point.

Hope this helps.