Broken android rendering

Hi, guys.

Been working with unreal for a couple months with iOS and OSX build and everything was fine. Today I deployed my app on Nexus 7(2012) using ETC1 packaging option(referring to official docs any device supports it). But the view is full of broken textures or broken rendering, can’t really tell.

Please take a look on a screenshot and advice what is the problem here and how it could be solved.

Thanks in advance


Hi Vivalaladislav,

Are you still having this issue currently, and have you tried any of the following to see if it will work on the device?

  • Can you package any other template projects like First Person or Third Person template to the device without the glitchy look?
  • Have you tried using 4.12 to package for the device?
  • Have you tried updating the device to the latest OS release?

Can you also provide what the device specifications are:

  • OS version
  • GPU version