Bridge(prop) won't allow walking on.

My character is unable to walk on the mesh that was built via Blendr, guided by screen name: “Render Frame”. Tutorial link is attached. Yet I set this bridge into the level and cannot walk on it.The character can walk on air above the bridge, as though it is within a cube of influence. Is lighting the issue here? Attached is the bridge tutorial:

This sounds like something with your collision. Try going to the mesh editor and seeing if it is just a box around it collision.

If you use simple box collision, you should be able to adjust the box so that it only goes on the “bottom” of the bridge where people would usually walk.
Also, you can add more boxes of collision and adjust them to be the sides of the bridge too if you don’t want the player to fall off by accident.

Simple Box Collision? After scrolling the mesh editor, the bridge now is redeemed as a 2d scan because the collision preset is set unto “no collision”. Where is the “Simple Box Collision” mentioned because I am unable to walk on it, yet walk through it.

Oh, I see. You mentioned walking on top of it so I thought maybe it was just a complete box. If you are walking through it, it probably doesn’t have any collision at all.

There should be a collision option in the menu bar of the mesh editor. It will give you a premade collision, but you can adjust it with the moving/rotating/scaling widget just like other things.

Here are examples from the documentation.

You may also need to set it to use blocking collision for the object type of your character (usually a pawn). I’m not sure if that can be done directly from the mesh editor, but you should be able to set it on the bridge you have in your scene.