Bridge 2021.0.1 not export Metahuman to Maya 2022

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please help me, I don’t know what else to do - make it work (it took me a few days)

I go through the tutorial, install according to the steps - I can’t export to maya

My Aplication:
Maya 2022 oficial trial + Bridge 2021.1.0 (I want export Metahuman to Maya)

I downloaded and installed PlugIn Maya - Yes, all files were added to the indicated folders (paths from the guide)

I open Maya - it should show “MS Plugin 6.7 - Maya” - in my Maya, this window is not showing up

I was looking at the thread:

  1. I have everything set as it writes
    Exporting MetaHumans to Autodesk Maya | MetaHuman Creator Documentation
    Exporting Metahuman from Bridge to Maya error
    Here, the message is shown:
    Error: Could not export assets. Please check log for details
    Error: Could not send data over port 13291

  2. I don’t even have this in the UI to remove

  3. I was looking at the Arnold thread - but it’s installed originally in 2022
    Problem with the head in Maya

  4. I tried by option - the Custom Socket Export Port 13291 and 24981 - nothing too
    Here, the message is shown:
    Could not export: Export to Custom Socket Export

@ kukicvladimir
I saw that you help in a similar topic - but it’s not the same as you wrote there - please take a look at my question :slight_smile:

thank for help :wink:

I got feedback from other sources:

“Maya 2022 is not supported for MetaHuman export currently. It should work without issues in Maya 2020 or 2019.”

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