Exporting Metahuman from Bridge to Maya error


I’m being met with an error when trying to export any Metahuman on to Maya from Quixel Bridge and was wondering if i’m missing something in the process or doing something wrong?

The error is “Could not export asset with id 9g2ohjbZ to Maya because it does not have source assets.”

Any help would be absolutely amazing!

Thanks a lot!

You may need to update the settings in the Quixel preferences.

Try Download Settings > Models > MetaHumans and set it to export UAsset + Source Asset.


For full details, check out the https://docs.metahuman.unrealengine.com/en-US/HowTos/ExportingMetaHumans/.

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I’m having the same issue as Noriku. My download settings are just as you described, but I’m still getting the error stating I do not have source assets when trying to export to Maya.

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that was it!! Thanks so much for the help!

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hey SE_JonF, make sure you re-download the model after changing the download and export settings to “UAsset + Source Asset” and then try exporting again.

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Thanks Noriku, it ended up being the fact that I was using LT in the end. Looks like due to the plugin restrictions in that version it won’t work. =/

I have full version 2022, plugin was updated via Bridge, however, I get the error even with newly downloaded MH’s. All settings are correct as far as on the Bridge side as well.

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