BP Tutorial video 2 PointLight Issue

I’m not sure if this is a UE version issue or user error. I am using version 4.15, the videos are done with version 4.8. I’m following the Introduction to blueprint series. In the second video, We are told to Uncheck the “Visible” box under “Rendering”. This is to allow us to create an event to toggle our point light on/off while in play mode.

I created the Point Light node as shown. Then added the “Toggle Visibility” node which automatically adds the “Light Component” Node. I attach the “Even Begin Play” node to the Toggle node. I have redone this several times. However the only way this works is if I check the “Visible” box, and even then the light is on until I hit play, it turns the point light off. Unchecked whether I hit play or not the light stays off.

What am I missing? Or, what step am I missing in v4.15?