BP_Sky_Shpere not found

Hello all,

I am like a new born baby when it comes to game development. For my learning processI’m trying to create a Day/Night cycle using the link below, but I can not find BP_Sky_Sphere anywhere. The only thing remotely close, but not useful at all, is BP_LightStudio. Could someone point me in the right direction? Was the sky sphere removed/replaced? Am I doing something wrong with LightStudio?


In Content Browser, enable option Show Engine Content .

Select Engine Content folder and type BP in search input field. You do not need copy BP_Sky_Sphere to your Content folder. Just place it into scene and work with it.

Oh jeez! I swear, the last 5 times I opened my projects, I only had 1 folder called Content show up. Now I see a whole bunch of folders! Honestly, I can’t figure out my mistake… The only thing that changed since then was I installed 4.8.3 as an alternative choice, but my project was made only when I had 4.9 installed.

Thank you so much for your help!

Edit: Actually now that I think about it, I installed VS2013 as well, could that be the reason?