Box trace not detecting all components?

Trying to use a MultiBoxTraceByChannel to detect if a component exists within the box, but it’s not working. There are two types of components, tree and grass. Tree is literally just a duplicate of grass, but with a different texture. Both have collisions set to block traces and so forth. The box appears correctly in the debug. The function is supposed to spawn a tree block in a location so long as no other tree block is nearby. However, it just isn’t detecting the tree blocks at all. Only grass.

Here’s the blueprint. This was very simplified to text this.

Make sure you have enabled:

Generate Overlap Events on every component that has this feature (or better said - has any collisions)
Enable Multi Body Overlap - this is not a muss here, hover over the option to read its description

2nd important thing - if the component (f.ex. a static mesh) has no collisions assigned it will NOT be detected