Bounce cards / Indirect lighting not working?

I’ve set up bounce cards in my scene with a spotlight (static) facing them directly (and away from scene), to give off indirect lighting to my scene. I have had this working in blank projects, and also in my own project in a different map. Furthermore, my scene is receiving sufficient indirect lighting from my Directional Light (so I know indirect lighting is playing a role). But my bounce cards and spotlights aren’t affecting my scene at all. The same values in a different map in same project will give me desirable results, so what gives?

Pic 1: General setup
Pic 2: Spotlight settings
Pic 3: World settings

OK, turns out the problem was that Cast Shadow MUST be on in order for this to work. Unfortunate that the bounce card itself will leave a mark in my scene ;\

Also had a brief issue where the lightmap on my bounce card wasn’t set. Oops. Remember to check your lightmaps they always say.

You could get the same problem if you set them as “Actor hidden in game” before calculating the lightmass solution.