Blur silhouette of mesh with material or post processing??

I am attempting to create a material or pp material that will effectively blur the silhouette of a mesh. I need to be able to detect edges and then blur inward. I would use this mask as an alpha to blend between postprocessing0 and the mesh render itself.

I know that I can create an outline with a pp material and flag meshes I want to inherit the outline as “render custom depth.” But how would I then blur inwards?

Here is an example:

So I need a way to render this mask somehow… either within a material… or a pp material.

I would then use this mask to create a translucency mask that would effectively blur the silhouette.

Here is the post process material:

A bit involved but not as expensive as I expected.

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This is how it looks like:

This is fantastic. This is very much so what I was thinking. I will implement this asap. Thank you very much for helping me expedite this! I will let you know how it goes!

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i guess the result of the last division on the right must be connected to the emissive color in the PP material right?it doesn’t seem to work in UE5 btw, anyone managed to make it work?

Thanks a lot for your answer, I’m currently having the same issue. Question - this node that you marked as “tweak to match aspect ratio”, is that a constant3vector node? I was following your node structure, and because of this particular nod I’m having errors. Thank you!