Blueprint to create a wall out of several small blocks

Okay this is quite complex, and I have no Idea how to even begin, so that’s why I am posting this question here :slight_smile:

I am planning to make a level in which the world, as you go further in created infront of you. And I want to create it out of a lot of small little blocks that make the ground/walls etc.

So first of all any idea on how to do that without having to make like 1000 matinee actors etc :confused: I thought about a blueprint which detects a player comes near and then initiates the animation, so I can just copy and paste this and create the level in this way…

Also, if possible, I would like certain blocks in an area to light up, when stepped upon, which is probably done with materials and matinees, but as I have almost never worked with both and when I did just on the most basic level I don’t really have any clue of how to do that.

Maybe, so you can get what I was thinking about looks a bit like the game “Lemma” or “Bastion” (Bastion just out of even smaller parts) but Lemma would be a good example

Thank you guys so much in advance,
(best communtiy evaa)


A little like Bastion?

You are looking to create a voxel engine, basically.