Blueprint Ninja Challenge

I place the same email but dont get any email :frowning:… anyway thanks for the replys and keep us up to date!!! Happy Holidays for you Sky!! (Well deserved :heart: ) and Happy Holidays for all too!! Enjoy this few week with the family :heart:

Good Night for all :smiley:

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14 days since the last message here. Anyone already received their SWAG?

Hey! :slight_smile:

Shipping is taking place this month :slight_smile:


Hello, I wanted to ask if we will get any emails regarding the shipment? :slight_smile:

I’m curious, are you going to apologize for this bizarre meltdown about some free trinkets?

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Hmmm I’m curious… Are you really going to post stupid questions? Or are you just going to continue to troll?

I’m curious… if you actually understand the true issue we were all raising, which it is still unclear if it’s been resolve, regarding HOW they run the check system on event completion?

Im just curious… why you care unless it’s to stir things up?

I mean… i’m just curious…

Hey guys! Please ensure we’re being civil and professional on the forums.



@SkyeEden say the shipping begin this month, not today… just relax and chill

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Did anyone get their swag box as yet?

oh okay!

Hey, I got an email saying that shipping was going to be 2021 but have not revieved anything else since.

This might have been an earlier email. It was changed to the beginning of 2022 due to shipping logistics close to the holidays. Shipping should be taking place this month.


I was just wondering about the statice and the ETA of packages and that is why I looked up this discussion board. If they haven’t shipped yet ,that’s ok. its just I don’t trust some of my neighbors and was wondering when I should start expecting the package. For me, small gestures like epic swag is a big deal. Since it makes me feel like I’m part of a community. no worries, keep calm and stay epic.

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Some time ago You kindly confirmed I met all the requirements, but never got the “release” email or any email regarding the shipping. I understand that there is no need to worry and should still calmly wait for the communication to come?


Will we get an E-Mail when it goes out?
Maybe a tracking number as well?

I really wonder how long it will take to arrive in Germany