Blueprint Ninja Challenge

Good afternoon all!

have a question on this new “Blueprint Ninja Challenge”, i already have 2 courses completed from this challengue and dont know it affects my participation :frowning: (i know i can “unenroll” the course)

need some help here and thanks!!

(sorry if this post dont below to this section, idk where place it)


I’d like to know the answer to this too. I completed courses early in the year myself. Since we’re supposed to earn badges during the event, I’m guessing we’re out of luck. Sometimes it pays to procrastinate, so should have waited on these ones if we wanted the swag. Oh well, such is life.


well dont answer for the moment, i even write to support but nothing :frowning: worrie about if we can’t cuz have completed some course


I’d like to know the answer to this as well. I, too, completed all four Blueprints Courses earlier in the year. Does this affects my participation in the Swag/Badge Blueprints Challenge?




i dont get the invitation email so maybe kick me out cuz the 2 courses already completed :frowning:


I got the email but have the first one already done. I don’t seem to get the special badge but a friend of mine that has just started doing the tutorials says he didn’t got the badge either.


the “Animation Challenge” have the same problem, you completed the learning path but not badge till end of event (congrazt on to both get in on challenge <3 )


Same here. No Mail to start the courses, I didn´t even start one of them earlier. Sad that there´s no opportunity to contact someone, I would have loved to participate.


Did it start? I haven’t got an email saying it started


I too am confused by the rules and the lack of support from the official “contact us for support here” email provided.

I signed up with the email account I use most often but then noticed my email needs to be linked to my Unreal account, which uses a different address. I asked them if this is going to be a problem, especially since they said they would contact me via email and the response needs to come from my (forwarding) email address. I got no reply.

So I waited patiently for this event to begin and just now started. I noticed I had already STARTED (but not completed) the first course so I completed it and received no notice of earning my fist badge.

okay, so maybe this Is going to be a problem. So I created a new unreal account using the email address I provided in the first place and completed the first course again. Still no badge.

What the… ???
Is this even really happening or is this some elaborate fake promotion or what is going on?


How might one go about changing shirt size on the survey?


I’ve got a mail yesterday with the information that the event has started now and we should start with the first course. First of all: I’ve never started any of the Blueprint classes beforehand and so I could start the courses from the beginning.

After completing the first course I’ve got the first badge. But there was no notification or anything else. I just checked my Achievements-Tab on the Online Learning platform.


That answer might not help, but I can at least say it has officially started. :face_with_monocle:


Congrazt Pantoth!!! Hope you enjoy the challengue and learn a lot!! <3 (hating i completed the course a month ago lol)


These should be arriving by electronic mail. But I don’t know if it’s challenge related, probably not.


Same here, I hope to receive an email to start the challenge soon. I’ll update this post if I do!


Hey folks!

We just wanted to clarify; if you had completed courses in the past, before the event, providing you complete the challenge, you would still be eligible for the SWAG! :slight_smile:


so i can do the remaining courses? because i dont get the email :frowning: (really thanks for answer <3)


Yayyy! Swag confirmed! :smile: No badge :frowning:

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I want to thank Epic Games for creating such exciting event for us people and adding more joy to this world. I must say that I am very happy about such apportunity and that it brights up my day and keeps me happy that one day I will hopefully receive the swag.

I have a few questions about the blueprint ninja challenge. I received the invitation email, for which I am very grateful.

  1. I finished all courses in the challenge, but received email notification only for one of them. I read that other people here received notifications for completing the challenge so I am wandering if it is ok that I didn’t?
  2. I completed the Blueprints and Gameplay for Game Designers course, but it doesn’t appear as a finished course in the finished courses tab. Is it ok?

Thank you for your support