Blueprint Ninja Challenge

It simply says complete it to get the loot. Contest Terms

“Complete . . . . to receive one Blueprint Master Badge and one Unreal Engine SWAG pack”

But there was some issue with registration. I remember signing up but I never got a start reminder or completion email.

“After registering, you’ll be notified via email when the challenge officially starts”
“Participants who earn the requisite number of Badges for a given Reward will be notified by Epic”

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oh well… iam still waiting for some email about the mystery box, but nothing for the moment :frowning:

I apologize for the delay in getting back to you; It’s good news, though, as you’ll find in the PM :slight_smile:

Sorry again, and happy developing!


Those pesky confirmation emails! :robot:

There would have been a note on the email that mentions shipping will likely be delayed until January 2022 due to current supply-chain constraints. However, I will push to make sure as to get an update from the team for when this process begins, so I’m able to update this thread, I know everyone is eager to get their SWAGger on :smiley:


Thanks again Sky!! <3 I will wait patiently until the mail arrives and the mystery box come too… really exicted about the content :smiley:

good day for all and happy developing!!!

Hi, I have also never received any emails about the challenge, even though I signed up and got the badges :confused:


Epic apparently has zero idea on what they are doing or how to register and track participants. Here is the patheic excuse they are giving to those who registered and completed the challenge and then never heard a peep afterwards:


I’ve heard back. It appears that neither email registered for the event. So, unfortunately, and will not be eligible for SWAG.""

My response:
That is a complete and utter lie. I DID register and I clearly earned the awards. If this is the sad excuse epic gives so they don’t have to hold up their end of things, it’s pathetic. Not a very good look for you and not honoring your own obligations to winners is a terrible PR move. It sounds like your ‘team’ has ZERO idea on how to run or track a competition, which is just… I have no words. I DO KNOW that this has shown your company to be untrustworthy, undependable and just plain disorganized. The chances of regaining my trust, as well as everyone else who has this same problem are also slim.

Suffice to say, most people are likely getting screwed out of their ‘prizes’ and it appears it’s either intentional or engineered that way.

Actually you are the one who is epically wrong here. As i was registered. And after much going back and forth, they DID finally find my registration in another area and they also admitted that it was tracked poorly and did not have it set up right to pool all registrants into one area. Reading ‘registration rules’ does not fix errors on their end so your response was completely unhelpful. I sent my confirmation emails to skyeden and she took them to the learning team the team who again searched through apparently another place and mine was located finally. They stated that they will put something in pkace to prevent this happening again and that the swag will be sent out towards end if january. She states she ud pushing to have the team send out confirmation/congratulations emails to those who completed it with the approximate swag send dates as well as it appears that was not set up to have happen.


No problem, they have admitted they really messed up the registration and tracking of this one and it was all spread out over different areas and systems that aren’t connected or ‘talk’ to each other and will address it and correct it for future events. This one was just a hot mess. They have said, especially regarding the learning team, that they are working on fixing this so it doesn’t happen again.


so we all gonna get a mystery box? thats really great :flushed:

Not what i said. They have to find where your registration is. It takes research and documentation from you for them to do so. You still need to contact skyeden and work with her to locate where it ended up.

Hi @SkyeEden !

I don’t have any news about the competition or reward, I want to know if i completed it , thank you very much!


Hello @SkyeEden

I want to know if my registration was right.

Thanks you for the patience and happy holidays to everyone! :grinning:

@SkyeEden Me too! Registered and earned the blueprint badges, would <3 some swag especially if yall got hoodies! Thanks!

Is there an ETA? Do we get something for xmas?

I want to know from EPIC Games Store .

Can we have get Free delivery of our reward ( apart tax if applicable in country ) ?

Please answer the question .

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According to the email they sent us shipping is expected to start in January, so no we will not get it by Xmas.

Im pretty sure they will pay for postage, but IF they wont, they cant force you to pay.
If you have to pay for it you probably get an email first, that you need to pay X amount or they wont send the package. Its not like you get a package to your door and your card magically pay for everything without your knowledge.
Worst case, you wont pay the bill and you wont get the package (IF there are fees).
Exacly the same with tax, VAT,… if you feel your package is not “free enough” you dont have to accept it, there were no reservation or participation fees.

this is all fake after completing and getting emails im told my email ain’t there even after showing dates and everything this is fake a hokes dont believe any of this now its completely un real

I fully appreciate that the situation is frustrating. The challenge is not a hoax. There have been complications when participants signed up with one email address. Still, a different email is associated with the learning account- this causes a missed-match correlation in the tracking.

I’ve requested the team to take a second look at this case specifically. Currently, the team is off for the Holidays- as soon as they get back, I will follow up with them and push for a secondary review.

Shipping isn’t taking place until the New Year, so I’m confident we can get to the bottom of this before shipping begins.



I place the same email but dont get any email :frowning:… anyway thanks for the replys and keep us up to date!!! Happy Holidays for you Sky!! (Well deserved :heart: ) and Happy Holidays for all too!! Enjoy this few week with the family :heart:

Good Night for all :smiley:

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