Blotchy Static Mesh shadows

Hello. This is a simple question, that I’m sure is somewhere on a tutorial, but I don’t really feel like sifting through paged of documentation, so I’ll simply ask here.

After building lighting, my static meshes look like this:

Their Lightmap Resolution is on 256. It’s in that number because 1024 increased the build times ridiculously, to the point of crashing Swarm. I want to know if they look like this because of that, or if it’s another reason. Also, if there’s a way to improve the look. Oh, and the build lighting is on Medium quality. Thanks.

Hey Artistical -

This looks like a unwrap issue in the lightmap. Could you post a screenshot of your lightmaps for a few of the offending meshes?

And in the meantime, take a look at this article on setting up your UVs for Lightmapping. It is for Maya and UDK, but the information provided can work in any modeling program and UE4:

UDK: Lightmap UV Layout Techniques and How to Create a Second UV Channel in Maya

Thank You

Eric Ketchum