Blender to Unreal Tools, Part 1 - February 6 - Live from HQ

Cheers Epic! :smiley: You guys and gals rock!

Hello, I hope textures and lightmaps enhancements !!!

Great news. Please also focus on Bringing the Unreal mannequin skeleton into Blender so we can rig it and bring that back into Unreal so we can use motion capture / animations in Unreal. Thank you !!!

Going in both directions :slight_smile:

We could now call the mannequin Suzanne right? :slight_smile:
I mean the poor thing never had a proper name. :slight_smile:

I prefer Suzannican

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Well technically it would be “Suzanniquin” :slight_smile:
We might see a new whole generation of mannequins with monkey heads :slight_smile:

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I really hope export works always without touching that unit scale workaround. Resizing unit scale messes up grid in way i do not want.

Would be great to have a way of sending meshes and then auto assigning Unreal materials by name on import

In the meantime, this is also amazing!!

Can you guys made addon which will allow to copy/paste objects with names and transforms from Blender scene to Unreal Engine like this script for 3d Max do?…x-scene-export

Lack of such copy/paste tool is one of few critical reasons why I still ( after full switching from Max to Blender and using it around 1.5 year ) do 99% of my work in Blender but when It comes to level construct stage I have to export FBX with objects ( in most cases it’s hundreds of instances ) to Max and then copy objects data to UE. Also it is one of key reasons why I am the only guy in my team who working in Blender… Looks like simple and obvious thing but none of existing " Blender to UE " addons still can’t do this ( or maybe I really missed something ).

[Question] Can you show a way to export for Unreal’s new hair system? Does it work with alembic and splines or even directly with Blender’s hair system?

There’s no better birthday present! Thank you guys you are the best!
Also to anybody working on the mannequin please consider this kind of rig for organic beings…

I’m waiting for the announcement that Epic just bought Blender, and it’ll be fully integrated into UE4 by the end of summer :stuck_out_tongue:

lol but really though, looking forward to seeing what they’ve got here. Just started using Blender more heavily in my pipeline and was thinking about getting a better exporter addon to UE4 since its native FBX exporter leaves something to be desired. And there aren’t really any good options for materials either. Really looking forward to seeing how this works and what it can do.

Will it be possible to export “eevee” shaders?

This is mighty awesome. I’ve been doing Blender to UE4 for the past 4 years without much hassle (once you get the right pipeline it works just fine). So I’m curious as to what this would actually solve for me. Hopefully it “just works” and makes everyone life’s easier.

This is awesome!!! I want to test this now!

+1 for blender particle hair going into the new UE4 hair stuff

It would be really helpful if you actually managed to include Vector Paint in the export - that is the ONE thing that we do not have the ability to export at all currently.
While I have no idea if you are just creating a custom export mode or re-re-factoring the FBX export, I think being able to not have to move my mesh to Maya just to adjust the vector paint on things like plants and grass would be most helpful at the moment.

I find this one to be the most feature rich addon for Blender and UE4, be interesting to see how the Epic one is different.

This is great news for both UE4 and Blender communities!