Blender to Unreal Tools, Part 1 - February 6 - Live from HQ

YES YES YES and another YEEESSSS!!!

Oh, God, PLEASE!!! YES!!!

Excellent! Thank you for including such a useful tool! I’ve been looking forward to this integration for a while now.

Ah, Finally Blender is getting an official plugin from Epic for UE4, Hope they improve the rigging and animation workflow for UE4 too…

Oh yes, yes, yes!

Thank you very much Epic ! Totally appreciate it. Great news for all us indies out there who use Blender.

I second that- it would be great to see the Unreal Alembic for Grooms Specification easily exported from Blender.

Great news! Looking forward to it!

Yes, the moment I have been waiting for.

I wish it’ll come sooner… we guys are doing a project right now for college… So… When is this coming?

Or did it come already?

I’m so happy, I thought I was going to have all of this myself once I got production going. So stoked rn.

I am currently using this Addon

I still haven’t understood it completely. But keeping the work done for now.
Have a lot of feature those I still have to figure out.
I hope the tool you are building will be more intuitive like this.

Awesome news everyone! Finally Blender learning days will pay off :slight_smile: Thank you Epic for this Epic announcement!

The epic mannequin skeleton gets distorted if we export the mannequin from Unreal Engine to blender and the same thing happens if we try to import back the mannequin from Blender to Unreal Engine, sometimes I need to do a new animation or modify one or even modify a skeletal object that I have on Unreal Engine on Blender then export it back to Unreal Engine, this process always causes strange undesired results, it would be great if bones and animations would be intact if we export from Unreal Engine to blender or import from blender to Unreal Engine.

Being able to re-target animations made for the Unreal mannequin for Blender exported skeletons would be amazing.

I’m also very interested in that! It would be awesome to be able to author the hair in Blender to use with the new 4.24 hair system. If I’m not mistaken, Blender can export alembic files, but it would be nice to have some kind of tutorial or documentation on that.

I can’t wait to see official Epic addon to Blender!

I can’t wait to see Official Epic addon to Blender!

Great news!

Nice!! Thanks Unreal, Blender!