Blender Static Mesh Faces are see through

I’ve used UDK for sometime, and now switching to UE4. I tried to import a simple house mesh from blender to UE4, with multiple materials and Collision… But the problem is some parts of mesh(walls and roof) are not visible in UE4 and the whole mesh is looking quite ugly :(. Here are some Images:

Inside Mesh Editor -


On other side of mesh -

In View Port →

Please Explain, whats causing this, what have I done wrong and How to fix this???


You’ll need to check the normals for the faces of the meshes. They are flipped. You’ll need to do this in Blender, or you can use a material that is set to two-sided but that would be an extra draw call for the material. It’s best to fix this issue in Blender or any other modeling software.

Thank you!


Thanks Tim! This solved the problem. Anyway, I have one more question in mind, does UE4 requires 2 UV Channels like UDK i.e one for materials and another for Lightmap or only one UV Channel will do?

There is no definitive requirement although it highly recommended if you have overlapping UVs in your Texture UV.

If you only want to use one UV you can do this by eliminating any overlapping UV islands in your texture UV. If that is done then this can also double as a lightmap UV.

It’s easier (in my opinion) to setup and use a second UV channel though. :wink: