Black spots shows up on static mesh

Yes, I set the lighting to the Production lighting quality. Also, Just the floor, walls, and ceiling is one mesh. I broke up everything on the inside. I didn’t make the level in a 3D program for me to break apart, I used the BSP’s. If I have to redo the level it would honestly be a pain. I finally got the look I wanted to


doing a giant mesh like that, particularly for a walkable area, is incredibly poor practice. you almost always want to make small, tileable pieces and then build your map out of them. there are a lot of performance and production time reasons for this that i won’t go into now but i strongly urge you to do your future work in a modeling program and avoid the use of BSPs. BSPs are old and are not intended for building whole levels out of.

I’m getting those weird black spots on my level. I even set the lightmap resolution to 1024, but still no luck

Perhaps, they are caused by your normal map ?

What could be wrong? I’ve done nothing new and haven’t had anything problems with my other textures

Couple of questions and some suggestions: First, these artifacts tend to show up in the High to Production quality lighting bakes. The reason for it is that they’re a bit more high fidelity, and therefore you need to have quality lightmaps otherwise you’ll get mixed results. So, are you running a Production lighting quality or Preview?

Is your level a single mesh? If that’s the case then I’m lead to believe that your lightmap resolution, even at 1024 is still too low. Looking at your UV map, there is a ton of geometry that you’re squeezing into 1K of memory. Lots of geometry is fine, so long as the mesh is smaller, you won’t see anything like this happen. I would recommend splitting up this mesh into different static meshes with their own lightmaps and texture spaces. Though it’s true going full modular causes different problems, if you split this up into 3 meshes, one for your floor, your ceiling and walls and adjust the lightmap resolution for each, I expect you’ll get much better results.

Thank you, but being self thought and doing what I know and then some is what it is. 3D modeling isn’t hard, but I just haven’t got into it like Blender.