Black spots on mesh after building light

Anyone can help me with this problem ?

have the same problem

First of all as far as I can see you’re using one single mesh for your entire room, so the resolution will be used for your entire mesh. For proper static lighting it is necessary to split the room appropiately into multiple meshes, depending on how much detail you need (one mesh for each wall for example). Then you have to adjust the lightmap size under details to something fitting. The standard value here is 64, try to increase it to bigger values for the places where you need more attention (like 512 or 1024 for big walls). The spots/light bleeds are an artifact that occurs when your UV-map used for the light baking doesn’t have enough padding between your shells. Imagine the light being painted on your UV by someone with a large soft photoshop brush: if the light is being painted to the edges of one of your shells, it will be applied to the edges of nearby shells too. Read this for better understanding: Unwrapping UVs for Lightmaps | Unreal Engine Documentation
Also after doing this, check out the Lightmass-Settings if you’re planning to do archviz with your room. this could be a smaller Static Lighting Level scale (for example 0.3), more bounces (at least 4), a higher indirect lighting quality etc. For inspiration check Koola’s settings on his Lightroom which you can get for free on the marketplace and use lighting portals on the windows. Hope this helps!