Black objects after lighting build

I’m getting something odd. My model is baking to black, despite being white, having proper lightmap UVs and all the normals being correct. Any ideas?

Your lightmap resolution is 64 which is too low for something like that. The UV’s are also too close together, with some small pieces you should try to weld back to the larger pieces. Also, that’s the first UV channel and it says it has two channels with the second channel set to be used for lightmaps, so you might have left the box checked for generating lightmap UV’s automatically which will add an additional channel and assign it as the lightmap.

Yes, that was the intent - to let UE generate the lightmap UVs, which you can see above. Are UE’s UVs rubbish? Because that’s what it generated. They look completely fine to me.

All that aside, that doesn’t really explain why the resulting lightmap is black. Any other ideas?

Metallic Material /decrease/increase / test?
Inc rough.


The material it’s using has some specular and a small amount of roughness. What’s the metallic test?


Sry, i see in your signature, that you are way more experienced with that stuff, then me.
But now i will try to explain, what i was talking about.

In the picture, where the green circle is and the edges have contact.
Both faces have different material.
The spot is set to 50.000 and one mat shows up like yours and one is absorbing completely.
Metallic/spec/rough are the influencing options there, with an opaque material for me.
Sry when i am completely wrong.

Experience is relative. :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s the material, but that’s a good test! It’s most likely just something to do with shadow baking though. I think I’ll toss out my geometry and start over. Thanks guys!

One thing.
Dunno if its important, but i would take a look into the lightmap/uvmap there.
And where on the map is the 1C?
Questions over questions… ^^