Great idea for this pack and gg :wink:

Yes Stucki. That is how the Perching Bird works.
The Perching Bird starts perched wherever you place them.
Then when the player gets within the flyaway distance (or an editable timer goes off- if the bird is set to not fly away from the player) they fly up to the sky and fly around to random Sky Targets.
After an editable timer they will fly down to a random Perch Target and perch again. Then this behavior will repeat.

thx for the detailed answer.
already purchased it and had a first look

  • it took nearly 20 minutes to first start your project for the first time :wink:
  • there is something wrong with the ground material of the island in UE4.13.1. running in one direction it is nearly black and in the other its a complete mirror …

any idea why this is so ?
cant wait to have the update :wink:
best regards

I will look into this before submitting. I haven’t tested 4.13.1 yet
UPDATEOk everything was cleaned up and is now working great- thanks again Stucki

Birds v2.0 is now live everyone.

Get your copy while its still on sale.
It is with your continued support that I am able to release updates such as this one.
I hope you enjoy the update- its working great in 4.10 - 4.14 :slight_smile:

you could use the kite demo deer.

Any chance of some predator birds? bald eagle or something with a nest and attacks your other birds or just dives to water for fish would be really cool.

Purchased anyways tho, good price for a useful asset

got the same mirror landscape problem with 2.0
found out that it only happened if i start the project for the first time. On second start the material is fine … no idea why it behaves like this. But it was with 1.0 and now with 2.0 for me, too …

That is strange, I’m unable to reproduce this problem but I’m glad to hear that its working now. it could be that the lighting had to be re-processed for the landscape.

Hi again.
i just played a little bit with your birds 2.0 package and i really love it.
it adds so much atmosphere to my game.

here are some things i think you should improve:
sky to perched birds:

  • if i have placed a crow like i want it to appear in the game i should be able to place the pirch target point at the exact same position ( copy and paste location and rotation values ) to get it back there again when landing.
    could you please fit the pivot points of the perching birds exactly as the one of the target point. now it differs in z-axis quite a bit. so my birds keep landing a little ahead of the target and seem to hover in the air :wink: (some magical crows they are …)

  • the landing sequence of some perching targets could become endless. so the bird circles somewhat around the target but never gets to land (which looks a little creepy …)

  • starting animation is unrealistic right now.

  • if possible avoidance of other static meshes (or the ability to set non flyable zones (maybe sphere objects…)

  • adding sound for the crows would be perfect. (you now making some noise, flapping wings when starting etc…)

and last but not least i have a question :wink:

do the flying bird perch, too ?
i dont see flying to perching birds right now … so i have all my birds perched at the start. would be nice to have some in the air that fly to my perching targets, too

please keep up improving this cool project !
kind regards

another cool to me feature would be if the perched birds would fly in the sky, if the mouse pointer will cross them…

i am getting some errors in the message log, since this morning …
i have nothing changed with the birds since yesterday, though … and i cant remember to have had the errors yesterday … weird.
but as far as i can see the birds are behaving as they should …

maybe you can make sence of them :wink:

kind regards

Are pigeons included in this pack or planned to be added at any time?

Thanks for the input Stucki.
I have adjusted the pivot points to match exactly- so now your copy paste should work.
If your birds are ever having problems getting to their Perches- be sure that the PerchTargets are not overlapping each-other. Also adjust the scale of the sphere in the Perch_Target_Point blueprint to suit your needs and scales.
I am also adding a StartPerched? option. So by default the bird will start perched, but if you want the bird to start Flying in the air- just un-check the StartPerched? box, this can be done on a per-bird basis :slight_smile:
I will also look into those errors you got, they could be connected to those birds having trouble getting to their targets.
I’ll submit another build tomorrow with the updates, thanks again buddy

NobleSpoon- Pigeons are on list for future updates :slight_smile:

thx very much for getting back and keeping up the good work !
i already see an update in my library. i never though epic handles this so fast ?? or is this something else …

how about the other things:

  • unfitting starting animations of the crows
  • sounds
  • object avoidance
  • on mouse hover interactions

do you plan to improve those, too ?

kind regards

The mouse hover interactions would be up to you, that’s a little too game specific for me to focus on.
I may get into sound in the future but its lower on the priority list.
I’m already doing one line trace on the Birds for simple ground avoidance, i may get more into this at a later date as well.
updating and re-visiting animations is always on the list of things to do. Just look at the difference from version 1.0 to 2.0 :slight_smile:

thx again for your fast answers !

Great to hear! I’ll be picking up the pack as soon as that update releases. Thanks.

I was geting these errors messages early and It was solved, just talked to Richard and I could figure what was wrong

We need to add all the targets, sky ground and perch

well, now it’s working nice!

thank you Richard!:wink:

I am placing all three targets and the bird blueprint to my level, building navigation but still getting the same errors. The bird flies through walls and never comes back. Please help.