I’m proud to announce the release of Birds for Unreal Engine 4.
These Birds will walk and hop to random Ground Targets taking breaks to feed. They will run away from the player, and if you get too close they will fly away. Once in the air they will fly to random Sky Targets (for an adjustable amount of time) after which they will return to the ground. Birds also now comes with Perching behavior. Easy setup, just drag some Sky Targets, Perch Targets and Ground Targets into your level, and the birds will take care of the rest. You can also play as a bird with all walking and flying functionality.

Birds v2.0 Includes:
• (2) rigged and animated Bird skeletal meshes (Crow, and Seagull)
• (38) Animations
• (6) Animation Blueprints
• (12) Character Blueprints with 3 Parent Classes
• (2) Game modes (Play as the Default character, and Play as a Bird)
• (7) sample Maps to show the different bird behaviors
• High resolution textures (4K) and materials
• Physics Assets
• LOD’s

** Blueprint Features:**

Ground To Air Bird- This NPC Bird Blueprint Starts on the ground- walking to random Ground Targets, If the player gets too close- run then fly away, once in the air- fly to random Sky Targets, after an editable amount of time- return to the ground.

Air To Ground Bird- This NPC Bird Blueprint starts in the air- flying to random Sky Targets, after an editable amount of time- fly down to the ground and walk to random Ground Targets, after an editable amount of time- return to the sky. This bird will also run and fly away from the player.

Stay On Ground Bird- This NPC Bird Blueprint will stay on the ground walking to random Ground Targets stopping to feed, If the player gets too close- run away, If the player gets even closer- jump and flap away. (Good for chickens and other flightless birds)

Stay In Air Bird- This NPC Bird Blueprint will Fly to random Sky Targets forever.

Perching Flying Bird- This bird starts out perched until the player gets within the “flyaway Distance”, it then takes to the air flying to random Sky Targets, after an editable amount of time- fly down to a random Perch Target, then return to the sky after an editable amount of time.

Play As Bird- This Blueprint allows you to play as a Bird (3rd Person) with all walking and flying functionality


Birds is now available in the Marketplace :slight_smile:

[SIZE=1]Here is a link to the old video for Birds v1.0. Just to keep the history of the asset all together in the same thread.[/SIZE]

i think the start of the flight from the ground is a bit to slow birds tend to clap their wings very fast at start and also in the lading

Looking very nice :slight_smile: there can never be too many animals in games. Gives nice boost for immersion.

Loooovvveee this! Incoming project called deers next? :stuck_out_tongue:

This is awesome!

i would need this very much !!
so please keep on with it

some things you should improove in my opinion:

  • running animation looks very odd
  • the wings should be flapping much faster, especially when starting
  • definable areas, objects, where birds should land (e.g. branches on trees, top of walls etc…)
  • additional bird models
  • bird swarms

please consider these points and it will be an instant buy for me. Always wanted some conrolable birds !

is it easy to make for project where make for that change character that change stay on ground bird to flying bird? making for eg bird simulator and as i watched there is play as bird

Yes bird animation looks odd, they look like dropping leaves… you should make them fly faster, or produce more random movements… it is difficult to describe actually. One good example is this library:
It is OpenSteer project, you can download, compile and then see how they achieve (but they are complicated, so probably just integrate the C++ library will be very nice).

How much this will approximately cost??

Hello everyone
I will be supporting this product for quite some time.
So thank you for your requests for the first update, and please let me know if there are any additional features you are looking for.

The introductory price for Birds will be $29

nice, can’t wait. Price is very cheap and use that bird in simulator project.

Nice work!

can’t wait 4 day. Then can finish my awesome bird game :slight_smile:

My only concern is the wing flapping speed when taking off and landing. How easy would that be for us to adjust once we’ve purchased it?

it shouldn’t be too difficult, This is at the top of the list for the first update :slight_smile:

What a cool idea! Great job!

Birds is live in the marketplace now :slight_smile:

Congrats on the release! Picking this up tomorrow! (Payday)

I’ll certainly be buying this once your first update is live and the animations are cleaned up a bit.

If your update includes an option to change flap speed for taking off, and flap/fly speed when in air you got my money.