Here is a little update on the progress of Birds.
The Birds now flap their wings faster when close to the ground.
Also see how the birds land, they slow down their descent while flapping faster.

TheMoejahi3d.- the flight and walking speed can be easily edited in the character blueprint. you can also adjust the animation PlayRate to suit your needs.

its also easy to edit the birds run away distance and Fly away distance, and the speed at which they do so. :slight_smile:

Excellent! Let us know when the patch goes through on marketplace :slight_smile:

I just submitted Birds v1.1 so it should be live in the next few days :slight_smile:

please add controlable starting & landing areas / points (trees would be super, too ) and ut would be an instant buy for me.
maybe we could have real geometry as starting / landing points, so we could add invisible 2d/3d objects to the scene to controll where the birds are …
i need a scene with many bird in a tree and when my character approaches the tree, they all flew away

In version 1.2 of Birds i will be adding the Perch to Sky bird.

wow thx a lot for integrating this !
looks pretty impressive !
how can we set where the birds are starting and landing from ?
can they land back on the tree ?

once the update is online, i will buy it instantly to test it !
maybe some control over size and size variations of the birds would be nice, too.
and perfect would be if there are more bird models, or we could add them manualy.

this is becoming a really nice package !!!

P.S. do the birds have audio ? wings flapping while starting etc …

The perching birds will start wherever you place them, they don’t need to start on a Perching Target.
They will stay at their starting point until the player gets within an editable distance.
Then they fly up to the sky and fly to random Sky Targets for an editable amount of time.
Then they will fly down to a random Perching Target and perch for an editable amount of time, if the Perching Target is occupied they will pick another one. if all the Perching Targets are occupied they will fly back up to the sky and try again in an editable amount of time.
When the perching timer is up they will return to the sky and the process starts over again.
Here is an image of a Perching Target (The thing on that stick), you may place them anywhere you like.
On each Perching Target you can set whether the birds should rotate to face that arrow or not.

As far as size- you can change their scale on a per bird basis.
I will be adding more birds (Geo and textures), I’m just getting behaviors nailed down first.
As far as sound- I haven’t set anything up yet, but I will add it to the list.

Can you attach perching targets to assets in the asset browser instead of manually placing them in the world? I wonder how it would scale in a forest setting if each of your tree assets had perch points and your forest was 1km square.

Great question, I’ll look into this.
one thing you can do for sure is select the tree with all the Perching Targets in it- group them, then duplicate that group around your level.

The New Update is now live- Birds V1.2
See the video above, we have Perching now :slight_smile:

very interested, but cant see any video of 1.2

I just updated the perching video on post #25

thx for explaining. i thought there had been a newer one :wink:
i really love the progress of your birds !! will definetely buy this for my game.
Had always searched for something like this !!
please keep up the goog work !!!

have you seen the new bird pack on the store.
Could you guys please make them work with your system. Would be really a great addition !
by the way, are you still working on adding/improving your package ?

This looks fantastic. Will definitely pick it up for our project. Like @Zooch I’m also interested in how well it would work with larger maps with tons of perch points? Special trees with points could be spawned separately if it would be too heavy but it would be nice if they could land on any tree.

Yes, I am updating Birds right now, adding a seagull and chickens next (rooster and hen) :slight_smile:
I should have a new update submitted in the next month or so.

Hi again,
how about that bird update ?
could use your pack right now :wink: and there is a halloween discount on the package …
is the update coming somewhere soon ?
kind regards

Here is a preview of Birds v2.0
I will be submitting Birds v2.0 this week.
In celebration of the release of version 2.0, Birds is on SALE.
After this week’s sale and release of version 2.0 there will be a small price increase.
So there has never been a better time to get your copy of Birds.
Happy Halloween everybody :slight_smile:

That pole landed seagull with flipper scratching is making the asset very tempting. :smiley:

instant buy now :wink:
is it possible to have birds only start and land from trees ? so they dont get on the ground at all ?
if not please integrate this feature !!

kind regards