Better refraction on translucent surfaces

Alright, no doubt this has been asked to death because a lot of people seem to be running into this problem. But has anyone figured out how to properly apply refraction to translucent surfaces such as water?

This picture I found somewhere on the internet shows how when you look through a water surface from above, the object seems to kink and stem away from where it enters the water surface.

Now whenever you try to use refraction on water in Unreal, everyone gets this: (ignore the weird green surface, it’s just a place holder)

So basically my question is, has anyone figured out how to create some kind of refraction that properly mimmicks what we see in real life?

Screen-space refraction suffers from this kind of issues. There is no all-in-one solution, but commonly reducing refraction index back with distance and/or surface angle and maybe even depth difference help to hide the issue you are showing at the screenshot. There is also refraction depth bias you can tweak in material attributes.

I had some success in lerping the refraction output with “1” using the system I created to control depth translucency. It stopped the tear at the surface but created a heap more issues. I thought about creating my own refraction system one day, but it’s above my current skill.
Just thought I’d ask if someone had a solution figured out, thanks for taking the time.