[BETA RELEASE] Blueprint Survival Game Template

**PLEASE NOTE: Version 1.0 of the template is now available on gumroad! Much of the information in this thread is now outdated - A new thread will be made in the coming days, along with a new demonstration video and some documentation content. Thank you to all who have helped out in the beta phase!



*For a while I’ve been building a survival game template running on blueprints. It’s at the point where I am ready to release it into the wild but I want to ensure that it is at it’s absolute best before submitting it to the UE4 marketplace. As such I have put it up on Gumroad for a reduced price, the catch being that it currently has minimal documentation and there may be a few bugs in it (I haven’t come across any, but that’s why I need testers!).



WIP Thread: HERE

Gumroad listing: HERE

Demonstration video (lengthy demo of OLD alpha build, new video coming soon)

New features update.


More detailed information:

This template allows users to use an easy-to-manipulate template blueprint system to make the basis of a survival game in Unreal Engine 4. At this stage, the template is for sale at a reduced price as I need some assistance with testing.

The current (final) feature set for the Survival Game Template includes the following:

  • **Data-Driven HUD: **A graphical display of all important information that is generated by the survival systems.
  • **Graphical Inventory System: **Graphical semi-scalable inventory that allows players to look at information regarding to items they have acquired as well as use, destroy and drop items.
  • **Dynamic Time of Day: **Users can set the length of time for one day to pass, as well as how much of this time is sunlight vs. night, what time of day the game world starts at on initial runtime, and whether there should be a clock displayed on screen.
  • **Player Health System: **Health system driven by input from the other survival systems such as hunger, poison, etc. When player health reaches zero player will die.
  • **Hunger System: **Player hunger system that drains over time as a factor of day counts. Once player hunger gets to a configurable threshold, visual cues/effects kick in and warn player of hunger state. At completely drained hunger, players take a configurable amount of damage over time.
  • **Thirst System: **Player thirst system that drains over time as a factor of day counts. Once player thirst gets to a configurable threshold, visual cues/effects kick in and warn player of hunger state. At completely drained water levels, players take a configurable amount of damage over time.
  • **Oxygen Management System: **Dual purpose oxygen system allowing designers to set up vacuum environment devoid of oxygen (such as space and underwater environments) with volume based ‘safehouses’, or volume based oxygen drains (such as bodies of water).
  • **Bleeding Function and Blood Management System: **System for causing bleeding damage to player. Everytime player takes over a configurable threshold of damage, there is a configurable percent chance that the player will start to bleed. As they bleed over time, they will lose blood and eventually die due to damage from blood loss.
  • **Stamina/Energy Management System: **Automatically replenishing stamina (when player is not running/etc.) that allows for advanced movement such as sprinting, etc. Basic sprint mechanic is also included in this template.
  • **Torch System: **Player-toggleable torch that has a configurable cone of view, as well as the ability to need battery power. Torch can also be set to flicker once battery levels reach a configurable threshold for added effect.
  • **Volume-Based Poison System: **Designers can place poison volumes, that will poison the player over time. The more poison the player has absorbed, the more damage they take over time. At dangerous levels of poisoning, visual cues/effects inform player of their dangerous state.
  • **Multi-Faceted Dynamic Temperature System: **Player can be exposed to temperature. The player has their own body temperature which is impacted by temperature volumes. Designers can also set a world temperature based on day/night cycle to impact player and player’s body temperature will be altered accordingly.


As well as the base blueprints, there are a variety of simple assets, including a procedural landscape material, simple pickup materials, and some artwork, included in the downloadable archive.

*Please note that everything in here still requires some testing, but you will get all updates, including the final updates once testing is completed, without any further cost to yourself. Once you have purchased this, you get all future content for this release. At this time, there is no advanced documentation for the template (though there is a demo level to demonstrate the basic functionality), as this will be written based on what people need explained most. Likewise, in time, a video series will be added to my youtube channel explaining the template in much more detail. Please contact me for any support in the meantime.

Additionally, it is important to realise that this template is currently aimed at a single player survival experience, and not a multiplayer sandbox survival game. It would be possible to use this as a learning resource to build a game like Rust or H1Z1, but that is not the intent of this system.

Once testing is complete, the template will be released in full and the price will be raised significantly. I am offering the template for a lower price to those willing to help me develop the template further via testing. Please keep this in mind when considering purchase.*

So question are there any plans for a construction system (Similar to H1Z1) for this survival kit?

With various “states” for the objects that are being made.

Started (0%)

Halfway (50%)

Completed (100%)

Example -

So basically, my intent for this template was to suit my own needs, then I expanded it to make it accessible to others. As such, it is much more suited to a survival experience, than that of a sandbox survival experience (such as H1Z1, Rust, Minecraft etc.), with the intent being to provide a framework that people can build upon if they did want that sort of survival game. However, there seems to be three main features that keep coming up in requests… Multiplayer support, some sort of crafting/building, and some AI.

This leaves me in a bit of a predicament. I’m not sure I even know how to do multiplayer (though I’m confident, with enough time and research, I could get it sorted), but from what I understand, that would more or less require me to redo all the blueprints to account for multiple players and a server. I could definitely put in some basic AI without any issues, and have some ideas on a crafting and building system… but I need to establish if I’m going to do multiplayer first because the more work I do before that, the more work it’s going to be to add it in later. I’m probably going to reach out to those who have already bought the template and see what they want most and go from there… but I might put up a survey in here later today (about to head to work) as well. So in answer to your question… watch this space haha.

I would like to purchase. But does that inherit that i get freee updates?
There is a lot stuff still missing for a basic frame.

Missing Footsteps
Inventory design
Basic Interaction

Just some of a lot of a bunch a few! :o

Yeah =) anyone who purchases will get all updates.

As for those things… It’s important to remember this is intended to be a starting point for people to build their own game, not a fully featured framework. However, I’ll take all suggestions into consideration for future updates for sure!

So i found a bug! D:

The Stamina fills up endlessly… If i would wait like 5 minutes i had enough stamina to sprint threw my entire 5km² island XD
Im Using time 1440 for 24 minutes

End yes Stamina at this point does nothing. If the player has 0 he still can sprint jump and walk like hell :smiley:

The Inventory does not exclude realtime. Wich means i fire the gun when i have the menu open… I can easily wich that but thats a bug.

Try this: Take an item open the inventory and press drop 10 times. Endless Water bottles :smiley:

What about a basic container for items! Wich can easily be placed in a AIm Actor at anytime!

Hmm odd. The stamina hitting zero certainly should have stopped sprint. It appears I have lost a bit of blueprint somewhere along the way. Will have that rectified asap (an hour or so). As for the stamina filling up endlessly, I dunno how I missed that XD Already fixed though (3 second fix haha) so that will be pushed int he update with the other stuff.

Inventory excluding realtime… thats a new thing. I had that fixed in 4.8, but it appears to have popped back up now in 4.9. I’ll have that sorted - I was trying to avoid putting any real customisations in the player blueprint, but in order to add some of the things people want me to add I’m going to have to add a bit here and there, so that’s an easy fix anyways.

Basic container - are you talking about things like Chests? An inventory ‘bag’ sort of thing that players can deposit things into?

Thanks for the awesome work :slight_smile: keep up the feedback please! It really helps!

Yea i will for sure keep up i mean its realy a great and young thing so i can easily steer this project in my direction :smiley:

Container like in: Press E on the Chest and put stuff in or get stuff out. Just basic and modular so that npcs can also have that.
And pls add a gate for sounds when using items. So onuse playsound UI.


Are you working on your own game? In need of 3D models? Maybe we can help each other :3

This looks great, I think is a nice idea! Keep it up!

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

In other news, just pushed an update to gumroad with the fixes mentioned int his thread (no new features yet though). Those who purchased it should have gotten an email from Gumroad. Off to a good start :slight_smile:

Helping polishing this, its worth alot to take a look! Push!

Thanks for sharing this early, I just picked it up myself.

Less interested in the first person aspect and more on the internal clock,day,temperature. Any plans to go further with time based events or a persistent clock that runs when not playing?

Regardless great stuff at a great price.

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

Time based event - what do you mean by this? Like events that happen at a specific minute or something?

A persistent clock that runs when not playing… I have absolutely zero idea how to do that. But that would be awesome… I will have a look into it as an additional feature post full release :slight_smile: Nice suggestion for sure.

Actually… just had an idea for the clock. Will note it down and look into it when I have a chance :slight_smile:

Just updated to version BETA 1.04 for those of you who have it on gumroad already.

There’s been a number of additions in the last few versions, including things such as the ability to customize the appearance of the inventory and HUD without ever opening the UMG files, item use cooldown timers, animated pickups (the item ‘flies’ at the player), sounds playing on item use, and more, as well as a heap of fixes, improvements and tweaks to make it all work a bit better. I have a loooon glist of features to add over time, but at this stage I’m concentrating on trying to aim for full version release on Gumroad, and UE4 marketplace submission by the weekend!

Support and new additions will continue even once the blueprint has been added to the marketplace (if it gets accepted). A possible list of additional features post-launch include:

Teleport items
Beds (to pass time)
Basic AI
A hot bar
and a LOT more items!

Keep in mind these are planned, but may not make it in one way or another. Please do not buy the template based on the promise of those features. I want to get them all, and more, in there eventually. But I have no idea when or if they will get put in for certain!

Also - very special thanks goes to @Kanizitas for all their help with testing so far!

You should definitely add multiplayer support for this! I can see this selling quite nice then :wink: Good luck with your marketplace submission!

Imho the multiplayer part is one of the most important features for such a game.

We talked about that. And we came to the conclusion that people who do multiplayer obviously have todo a lot more of coding then people who create SP.
Wich by all costs means: He wouldnt do anyone a favor by giving people a ready setup for multiplayer, its not that simple.

If you do a multiplayer game then you have to think about stuff like server and serverOS. Its a hard thing to keep a server running already so you obviously either have the skill todo it or money to catch people who can do it.

In other words: If you have money you should invest it in your own system wich will then way better work with your server and system, buying a complete framework as a complete beginner would end in a huge fail.

So yes apoisen could make it Multiplayer featured: But that would be the way of grabbing peoples money because their lack of skill. This would be a bad thing after all…

If you do a MMO/Multiplayer then this is a perfect start to create your own professional system. A basic framework with no extensions.

Apoisen will make his own decision about that.


The main issue with this is that I simply don’t have any experience working with multiplayer haha. As mentioned in the work in progress thread that I first showed this in, the template was born out of me realising that a lot of my games had survival game elements to them (albeit not being survival games) so in order to prototype more quickly, I made this for me… and then it kinda grew from there. As all of my game ideas are singleplayer narrative driven game ideas, so is this template haha. It’s much more suited to survival horror, survival adventure, etc. than it is to things of the Minecraft/Rust/etc. ilk. However, it is a consistently requested feature so… As this stage, the plan is to go ahead and release the singleplayer version of this and I will hopefully be able to make it multiplayer supported down the track. Anyone who buys the template at any point will get any and all feature additions when they are done without having to pay any more (meaning those who have graciously helped me out with the beta and paid a cool $10 for it will get the entire full priced release when it is done as well).

As far as I understand, switching over to multiplayer would require reworking a LOT of the blueprints, but isn’t impossible. So I guess as it stands, it is entirely possible for someone to purchase this and make it multiplayer compatible. By the same token, assuming I am able to learn how to do multiplayer blueprint stuff, so can I, and will I, eventually. It’s just not something that is high on my priorities for the system as I’d like to get it to be a great singleplayer system more than that. shrugs

I will make this statement though - multiplayer is planned at some point in the future, but it does depend on my abilities to do it. It’s one of the most difficult future features so don’t hold your breath, but don’t give up hope, if it’s something you’re wanting in here.

Just updated to version beta 1.05. This update includes a lot of small fixes, but most importantly - Chests! Players can now loot and store items in chests, and designers can even prepopulate chests with specific loot (looking into RNG loot soon).

Apologies for the triple post, but just uploaded a new video to demo some of the new features :slight_smile:

Great work on the updates so quickly. Good luck on the marketplace release.

I’ve been working on building out some features that tie into your package, but have been running into a slight roadblock. I’ve been building out another actor class blueprint in my scene that controls dynamic tree growth in the scene. Everything works great, but now I want drive the season changes off of the “DN Current Day” integer generated in the day/night cycle. Only problem is I can not get this variable to cast to another actor blueprint, filling in the blank of the proper reference is throwing me for a loop.

Thanks for any insight someone has into this.

  • Edit - was able to solve my issue, although I’m going to revise this to be a little more efficient.

casting bp to bp.png

Things are going well. Modded the template to include years and seasons now to drive a growing forest!