Best way to store the winner of a multiplayer game?

Ok I have a Game Mode, and a Game State, the game mode counts player kills and when a player reaches 10, the game mode enters the end state. It stores the winner on the game state, which the clients then read to display UI about if they won or lost.

My question is; what should the object be that I store on the game state? Initially I tried storing the Controller of the winner, which worked fine for the server and the winner, but when other clients got GameState::Winner they were seeing None (I’m assuming because the controller isn’t replicated. I’ve since swapped it over the store the PlayerState of the winner, but the problem I’m now having is that in my UI blueprint I can’t do like a PlayerState::IsLocallyControlled.

(Answer can be in C++ or blueprint, but blueprint preferred)

I can think of a few work around, but I feel like I’m missing the obvious way to do this?