Best way to modify a texture every frame?

note: this is in reference to the question here

I’m wanting to use a texture as a displacement map for a plane. In a worst-case scenario this texture will be updated every frame. Does UE4 offer any mechanism for this sort of constant texture update?

If this were OpenGL I would use something like glTexSubImage2D to update the texture data, but I’m unfamiliar with how this might work in UE4.

After some digging around it seems that a Render Texture may be the way to go (as described in the answer here). Is a Render Texture the most reasonable route to take?

Could you use material for displacement map (too tell the truth i’m not sure what it is :p)? you can update texture per frame there very easily using time node and you can even render things

Thanks for the info ! Can you comment at all on how the scripted texture method differs from a render texture? I’m unfamiliar with how they worked in UE3.

#Scripted Texture is Coming

James Tan Solid Snake recently got his pull request accepted to add back Scripted Texture which will enable you to easily write to textures from C++ code as frequently as you want

Expect it in a future release

if you go on github you can find his closed pull request and look at the code and integrate it in advance.

We’re looking for a similar feature. Has it been implemented yet?

When will this be added?