Best way to handle interactive "sliders"

Hello. I’m trying to create a throttle you can grab and push forward or backward to increase the speed.

I’m having a tough time of it. I’ve come at it from a few different angles and now I think I’m overthinking how to do it.

Basically my current code gets the hand location, the handlebar on the throttle location, and if it’s < on the xaxis the throttle moves forward or backward to try and match the hand location… this is awful for a number of reasons and barely work.

I’m just wondering if there’s some tips you can give on creating a system like this.

Check out Mitch’s ( @mitchemmc ) VRContentExamples: GitHub - mitchemmc/VRContentExamples: Unreal Engine 4 community VR content examples

This is the forum thread related to them:…tent-Examples=

And this is the demo for the lever with handle:


Perfect, thank you!