Best setup for archiviz decoration in runtime?

I’m not an expert on the subject but I’d go with a a movable Skylight with a HDRI cubemap set at low intensity just so the shadows are nice and bright, and then a movable atmospheric directional light. Have an exponential height fog as well with very low intensity and change the blueish tone to a warm tone or white.

If you use a stationary directional light have a look at this.

Because you’re going to change materials on the fly, going from a dark to a bright floor might make the exposure really change so be sure to keep the auto exposure on and tweak the post process volume settings.


Yes lock the exposure to min 1 and max 1 on your post process. Play with the intensity of the of the stationary and the intensity of the skylight to get the balance than you want.

The dark chair is an artefact of the build lighting previously. It shouldn’t be there. If you rebuild lights it should go away. Alternatively you can remove any baked lighting from ever happening by going into world settings and turning ON: Force No precomputed lighting. That will guarantee only dynamic lighting. Hit build after that.

Hey guys.
I’m making (trying) my first architectural visualization where I can change the material of walls, floors, furniture etc, AND move furniture around the house, and I was wondering what is the best setup to achieve a good looking final build. I only found “meh” tutorials where everything is static.
So, static walls and movable furniture? Movable directional and spotlights without black stripes that keep a smooth shadow even on movable objects? Bounce cards?

What is the best approach for this kind of thing?

Hey , thanks for the answer. I did what you told and I got a good looking shadow on my movable actors, using a stationary directional light with some teaks for the ray cast and a movable skylight (build on preview). I just have a couple of questions if that’s ok:

1 - Is there a way to increase the brightness of the directional light for the solar ray without increasing the brightness of the scene?

2 - Is there a way to cast a stronger shadow (for example, on the right chair a darker shadow from the chair blending with the shadow on the floor)?

3 - I build the light with the left chair on the scene, and on run-time I spawned the right chair. Both movable and same material, but slightly different. Is it possible to achieve a lightning that won’t differentiate the actors that much?

Thanks again for the help. =)