Behaviour Tree stuck at "Steps Back: -1

My behaviour tree is always as “Steps Back: -1” instead of Simulating, what does it mean? The BT is not empty and I’m running it in the c++ AIController OnPossess (setting it up in begin play doens’t work either).
It seems it is instantiated correctly as the keys are set up, but the decorators and tasks are not reached.

The key MoveTargetDest is invalid because no task has had the chance to run and set it. The decorators on all my Sequences just check the value of GhostState and should run if they are equal to something.

BT_Asset is a reference to the Behaviour tree and I assign it on the child blueprint.

Any ideas what is going on?

Tried reparenting the AIController BP, tried running a different BT asset (with only a move and wait node), tried running the tree from BP…nothing works

Got it to work by upgrading my project to version 4.24…nice .-.