Behaviour Tree not switching selectors

Hey everyone,

I am having a weird issue I set up my pawn sensing component and I have a OnSee function that sets the target of the blackboard to the object it sees. I then have a part in my tick that checks the last seen time and will set the sensed bool to false and will set the targetEnemy blackboard to null. If you watch the video you can see it getting set and then going to null but my tree isnt switching selectors :frowning: I would love some help thanks so much!

See player & not sense code: My spotting functions

Video of it in action: Youtube video of it happening

Still can’t find a solution if anyone has anything at all i would love to hear it.

What is the decorator that doesn’t seem to be aborting set to in Flow Control->Observer Aborts? It should be set to “Both”.

This worked! Thank you very much!