Behavior Tree not showing C++ Tasks

Hello everyone!

I am using UE 4.26.2

My Tasks are written in C++ while Behavior Tree is in Blueprints. Tasks (those which are written in C++) are not showing (i.e when a drag a wire to place a node, C++ written tasks are doesn’t show up).

Also a weird thing happens, When I make C++ Tasks “BlueprintType”, after compile they suddenly show up but when i restart editor the tasks disappear with error occurs:

Then i again remove “BlueprintType” from tasks they again show up but on restating editor same problem occurs then i have to put back “BlueprintType” and so on.

Also when tasks appear in tree no matter what ever i change in code the working remain from 1st compile so i need to restart editor put or remove “BlueprintType” to see next compile results.

Kindly help me out.

Hello! It seems to be some problem with recompilation thing, so engine uses old versions of compiled dll. You can try to clear up project and check one more time (remove all folders except Config, Content, Plugins, Source)