Behavior Tree is flickering duing Debugging

Hello guys,
I have a question:
I made a behavior tree, everything works great. But during testing, it kept flickering because it was updating the whole time. Thus i removed the “finish execute” function from all of my Tasks and then it stopped. However it stopped to update the tree, too. I am stuck in a specific Task now. Do I have to fire an Event that causes the Task to Interrupt?

Thanks for any advice

Answer: Yes. If you use a blackboard condition decorator, it will abort it’s children, when a) the value changed that the decorator is watching or b) the result of the condition changed. In my case, when the pawn sees the player, the value of enemy_visible is set to true which happens from outside of the behavior tree. This causes all? decorators to reevaluate their condition, even if another task is currently running. In my case, the condition evaluation fails and the node gets aborted.