Beginner question - Toggle Visibility/Tutorial

In your last image is that your screen? Because what I got from this is that you couldn’t find that node but it shows that you did find it in that image.

Try searching for it with context sensitivity off
I can find it in v4.11
There may have been a change to that node so it’s more specific, so you might need to use the Scene Root version


So, I’ve found a bunch of tutorials and decided to give it a go.

But it seems 5 minutes in I’m already not getting something or doing something wrong and I would like someone to point it out.

So the guy in the tutorial says: If you select an object in your scene and then go to the level blueprint, if you add a function if will refer to that object already.

In his tutorial it works just fine and he finds “toggle visibility” with “context sensitivity” checked as you can see here, and then his light object is automatically added.

Please check out the screenshots, tut and tut2 is from the tutorial, me and me2 what I was doing.

Nothing happens automatically, I can’t even find “toggle visibility” with “context sensitivity”, and I had to add the point light myself. Sadly I do not know if this is the same in the end as what he did.

Is this because I’m using a different version of the UE than he is or what is the reason and what am I doing wrong or not getting?

Help would be much appreciated!

Yes I can find it, my problem is that if I choose it though without context sensitivity, it doesn’t point to my point light like it does in the tutorial.

In the tutorial he can find, select it and then his in the scene selected light is automatically added, and I have to add the light manually, and then I have this “light component” thing inbetween, like you can see in the screenshots.

But why?

In the tutorial screenshot he changes the visibility of a component and you are trying to change the visibility of an actor.
You can only change visibility of components.
Try using “set actor hidden in game” for actors.

I was following this tutorial this weekend and I encountered the same issue.
The problem is that the tutorial video is a bit outdated, and you’ll find more than one occasion of the UI not having the same layout as in the video.

There’s a few differences between the tutorial video and the assets you receive.

  1. In the assets bundle you receive, the hanging lamp is actually already a blueprint. It has the mesh, and the light component grouped. ( You can see this in the scene hierarchy btw ). Now this is not really a problem as long as you manage to target that Light in your level script.
  2. The user interface has changed and you’ll notice that in videos further down the line. Everything is still there, but acces to it has been changed/moved around ( as well as the names of these elements )

What did work for me however, was to tick off the context sensitivity and search for the toggle visibility component myself and I made sure it targetted that light component.
Wish I could add in a screenshot for you. But I’m not at home and can’t check it.


It’s not really a problem to make it work, I was just wondering if what I’m doing is right at all. When you’re a complete beginner you want to make sure to learn the right stuff and not some obsolete, laborious stuff that could be avoided.

But guess I need to get used to working with Blueprint in general.

Thanks for your answer! Can you recommend other good tutorials for basic stuff?

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