beach scene + automotive materials = strange faces


I’ve created a blank project with raytracing enabled. Added Beach Scene + Automotive Materials - everything default. Imported my mesh, assigned automotive material and the following problem appears: My mesh has these dark faces. Like some faces would have flipped normals. Checked - they are not flipped. And if you create a simple material with metalic shine for example - there are no such problems visible. This happens with Automotive material pack materials only. Have anyone found a solution? Thank you!

EDIT: if I rotate the object, sometimes these disappear. It has something to do with lighting? But why so big and rough shapes?

EDIT2: only if i start messing around within Automotive Material instance there’s a parameter Triplanar Rotation… only then i am able to make these black patches go away. But why is this happening and what’s the solution - would be great to hear your comments. Thanks.

found any answer to this problem?

it occured to me too. thanks for the triplanar rotation parameter walkaround.
such a mystery …

Please look here, there is a workaround i’ve found: Beach scene + automotive materials = strange faces - #3 by kalninjsh