Baking shadows onto a 2DTilemap

Hi there,

I recently picked up Unreal Engine and am having trouble baking shadows onto a 2DTilemap. I’m not even sure if it’s possible but this is what I have:

A material “LitSprite” that supports lighting and normal maps;

A cube, of which I disabled the Main Pass so I can get a shadow without the geometry of the tiles I want to block light and here’s where the problem comes in. The light is a stationary light and when I bake the lighting the shadow vanishes:

The cube is still there but there is no shadow, I know that the issue is that the tilemap is not having the shadow baked into it and not that the cube isn’t casting a shadow because I can see a baked in shadow when on another cube and making the source light dynamic as a ‘movable light’ also does the trick. How do I achieve the same effect without making the light a movable light as I cannot have too many of them in my scene?