Baking light to a diffuse texture for Movable object

Is there a way to bake lights to just regular diffuse texture (Not lightmap) for movable objects in Unreal Engin 4?
I’m working on a mobile game.
And I watched a tutorial that’s showing a way to do this in Substance Paint. But I’m wondering if it’s possible in UE4

Here's a youtube video I watched it.

The only way is if you bake shadows on your Base Color map

Like this:

You can also bake light on UE4 but you won’t be able to move that object since it needs to be static and you can’t stack objects on top of each other because the bigger one will bake shadow on top of the small one (you wont be able to hide and unhide the ones you want for switch system using that).

You should also bake all lights in the same software for good quality, so you don’t end up with different lighting.

You can always bake passes too, and just multiply on the materials, that way you will have control over the shadow color. Check on Youtube with your 3D software of choice how to bake shadows passes and multiply it on the BC map.