Baking light is not working in one level only in the proyect, probably because a blueprint.

So, I have this problem in one of the levels of my proyect, that is whenever I leave the level or close the engine and then open the level again the message of ‘LIGHTNING NEEDS TO BE REBUILT’ is always there.
I’ve been searching for a solution to this but in many cases the option is to dont use static lightning and for the proyect I’m in it is not possible is going for an meta quest so it doesnt support that many movable or stationary lights.
One thing that may be causing problems is that we built the scenary with an actor that helped to not make it so tedious, but I’ve been reading that the light with blueprint actors does not work the same way, even if iin the blueprint is set to be static.
The thing I’m looking for is if there is a way to make the light work on the blueprint object or if I need to get rid of the blueprints and do it different.