Bad quality or wrong mode editor view, lighting, materials


I have strange problem, maybe easy to fix - I just can’t find correct settings I think.

I changed view mode in mesh view to Unlit. Now when I click back to Lit, I have display like on attached pictures. I tried change to Lit of course everywhere, but now I have this weird view everywhere - map editor, mesh, animations etc. I missed some settings or maybe bug?

Edited. After another project load, view in editor is different but still bad. Blue tint on materials everywhere, they are semi transparent, no sky or sky is just barely visible, I read other threads with similar problems, maybe 4.15 bug?

Second picture is standard FPS map.

Thank you

I’m only one with this problem? It happens again and again after some time. Only solution is to remove temp, cache etc project directory but it created other problems. Please help

Update & solution:

Solution in other thread thank’s to @

Problem happens when Near Clip Plane within project settings to 0.0, it need to change to any value biggest than 0.