Bad lighting when normal map applied to object? (Solved)

Very new to unreal in general, and i was just wondering if anyone had any solutions for why the lighting on my prop is so weird? I’ve just got a basic color set in the first picture and you can see the pipe that should all be one colour is lit unevenly. Screenshot - ecae96f982f91b09b317bdd523223fc4 - Gyazo I then set one silo to movable and also added my normal and AO maps and rebuild the lighting. Screenshot - 1e43856dc677c06a1ef9932cc45e930b - Gyazo You can see the lighting looks better but it is still a little darker on some sections of pipe than others. Just wondering why this might be? if there is any obvious reason?

I can give more details if needed.


You need to check your lightmap UV’s, either the resolution is too low or the UV’s are overlapping

If you used any modelling programs, Mark as sharp that areas as on my pic (blue areas) for the first pic.

For the second…Try to mark sharp middle areas on your cylender

Seems more like a UV Map issue then a sharp/flat shading issue.

First check the lightmap, second, rebuild lighting.

If the error persists then share a screenshot of the UV map.

So when i import the object and build i get the error: Screenshot - 420344a2f1e7b6c68ef16b2ba29e7adb - Gyazo but when i up the lightmap resolution to 128 the error goes away but the shadows still look bad: Screenshot - 7f2c04511dbbd5791e3b40f1f769522f - Gyazo If i up it to the same res as the uv map(2048) it looks good: Screenshot - e5c19c5b046ed222c4073992aba5f12a - Gyazo But it takes a while to build and i’ve read that going that high isnt necessary. Anyway, once I apply a normal map I still get the weird lighting after build: Screenshot - 649ffa4333c78214f809dd179b63651b - Gyazo Screenshot - 0d2dc906be4d8b4810f44734e269f47c - Gyazo
This is the UV channel 0 Screenshot - 7098d453068c9b8d34187fa65f8bdf9e - Gyazo which is my uv unwrap. And this is UV channel 1 Screenshot - 9f8f70f52109c798a89caaa44824de8c - Gyazo which I assume is the generated lightmap but im new to this so really not sure. I’ve tried changing the Light Map Coordinate index from 1 to 0 too and that didnt seem to do anything.
Can provide more information again if necessary too.
Hoping someone can help me,

For better results there’s some stuff you can do with the UV’s. It looks like you use some automatic method to make the UV’s which can result in all of those small UV islands which would need a high resolution lightmap to get detail. What can result from that is where you have something like a square rod where it splits off all four sides and they are very thin, whereas normally you’d only need to add a split on one side and it would unfold like a cylinder would. The only way to fix it is to manually go through and do the UV’s yourself so that you can use the minimum amount of seams and better utilize the UV space.

I manually did the unwrap in maya. Screenshot - 5b9716bae0ac7da19371ae08221ed240 - Gyazo
The only part where there are un-needed cuts imo are with the X shaped cross beams, but even then i feel like they are unwrapped reasonably well.
For example the pipe with is having the lighting issue is just cut around the top and bottom and then has one cut along the back. Screenshot - e710674e095fdff122abb9ec961fdb4e - Gyazo

It just seems like there are some sections of the pipe as well as the main body of the silo where the lighting from the directional light just isnt being applied: Screenshot - 1396f369151089c559d46e50fe00a327 - Gyazo
Same angle without normal: Screenshot - daf0813829ccf8548ba837b7c63ec272 - Gyazo

I can provide the .fbx if anyone is able / willing to import it and add a normal map and see if they can figure it out?

For anyone interested I found where I went wrong:
For my normal map I had the sampler type set to ‘color’ instead of ‘normal’

Massive yikes from me there.
Thanks to anyone who tried to help along the way.