Bad lighting seams when faces is separated.

Example: If I split a sphere in half, and import those two halves into UE4 I get these seams, how get I get rid of them?

I need to import a large model, so want to split it into multiple segments so as to make LOD levels throughtout the model and enable occlusion culling on unseen segments.

The seam is typically caused by discontinuities in the vertex normals. The primary way to solve this is to explicitly take control of said normals, making sure they are unified along the seam. This is something you’d do at the authoring stage, i.e. in your modeling application, prior to import into UE.

How would i unify Normals in maya? The only thing that works for me Is selecting the two segments, click “Mesh display” > “Average”.
However, I dont think this is the rght way to do it, There must be a better way.

Don’t have my Maya subscription active at the moment, so I can’t look it up unfortunately… but if memory serves me, there’s a whole set of tools related to normals manipulation, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.