Bad Collision with Nav Mesh

I made a blueprint for some sliding glass Doors in my level however my nav mesh Wont build where the doors are unless I Put No Collision but then my Characters can just walk through the doors before they open. How do I fix this?


Have you ensured that your NavMesh Generation is set to Dynamic? This option can be found in Project Settings->Navigation Mesh->Runtime Generation and set it to Dynamic.

Here is an image for your convenience:

I set it to dynamic and the problem still remains the same :confused:

What sort of collision setup do you have on your doors? It could be that your door collision is still remaining when the door is open, which is what is causing the NavMesh to not generate as expected.

The walls in my level are bsp an![alt text][1]d I used a subtractive bsp to cut out the hole for my doors. Could the nav mesh be colliding with the subtractive bsp? Or perhaps my triggerbox? As of the moment I Have my doors set to no collision because that’s the only collision settings I could get to work with my nav mesh.
The Last screenshot is an image of what happens with any other collision setting that I try.

In order to determine the exact cause of the issue, I’d have to see the project itself. From what you’re saying, it sounds like you’re doing everything correctly, but there may just be some small oversight that is causing this issue.

Would you mind zipping up your project and providing a link to Dropbox where I can download it and attempt to figure out what the problem is?

My dropbox isn’t working but if you have some patience with me Ill get it uploaded soon.


I am marking this topic as resolved, as we have not heard from you in a few days. If you get the chance to upload your project to Dropbox, please feel free to reopen this topic.

Have a great day