Babylon project (provisional name)

How to post images do you know how to?, sorry if post it’s out of context btw game it’s looking great better graphics than Skyrim ; D.


There is an icon labeled as “image” in the toolbar when you are posting.

Hello @CobaltUDK

Man, your world looks so vivid, so realistic. These labouring NPC’s trully add a spice on the game’s overall atmosphere. Congratulations!

Why you don’t release your game as Early Access? I think your game already have enough content for people play and enjoy.


BTW: I am udkultimate, just changed my username.

Thanks Nidal. I have plan to use Early Access or others, but the game is not playable yet. I need to finish things before.

Pottery wheel.

Suggestion: A training camp for fighters next?

Here is one, totally unfinished:

Congratulations man, your game made in the top 100 on IndieDB:

**I already voted on you. **My game also made it:

Please vote on my game dude!

Done, thanks and good luck.

Harem dress.

Beautiful man! She is so sexy :cool:

I have seen it on IndieDB.

Cheers and good luck with your game!

Wow~ Gorgeous dress~ ^^

Anunnaki concept:

WOW, these are aliens? :cool::cool::cool:

It seems that yes :smiley:

A tavern I’m making.

Fantastic Man! I loved the general tavern atmosphere, and the NPC they fit perfectly on the overall scenery :cool:

Aw man. I’ve been losing a lot of your posts. The tavern is great. I’d love to start a bar fight now on it!

Hey, the bar fight was a surprise!

I knew it :smiley: