Audio Reactive components don't react when application compiled AND final submix is muted


I have built a basic “game” that takes audio input and causes a Niagara system to react. This works great in the IDE. When I compile it down, (well actually, I get this error: Error with Audio Capture Component) using the “Package for Distribution” option, my Niagara system does not react.

I have three submixes:

SM_Input → SM_Analyze → SM_Mute

AudioCapture is assigned to SM_Input. My Niagara Audio Spectrum is assigned to SM_Analyze. SM_Mute has output set to 0. It doesn’t matter how far down the chain. If there is a mute after the SM_Analyze, when my application is compiled the Niagara system does not react.

However, if I unmute the final submix in my chain, though I get feedback (which is not what I want… :slight_smile: ) the particle system does start to react.

You can find a copy of the project here: GitHub - qubitrenegade/AudioReactiveTest: Unreal Project Demonstrating issues with "audio reactivity". Press "0" to hear feedback and see reactivity.

What am I doing wrong here?


Here is a demo of what I’m talking about: Unreal Engine 5: The Fever Dream or why does my audio only react when my output is unmuted? - YouTube

Here’s another example of it working in the IDE: Unreal Engine: Niagara Particles pt 2 - YouTube