Attack on Titan - Fan Game

[FONT=Arial Black]A small demo is available here :

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I’m a character artist and I’m really enjoying the UE4. Actually I’m enjoying it so much that I started to learn and play with the blueprints tools with the last character I did, and now I want to go further than just moving my character around.
I don’t know how far I can go, so that’s why I decided to open a thread here, so I can hopefully find some help from the community :wink:

Here’s what I got, it’s no where far, but I’m learning slowly and have fun. :wink:

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This is a growing franchise and I heard they is to be a game soon. They are even in the works for a live action film. The new season will be out in 2015 as well and 2 new animated movies are coming. So I would stay away from this for now or try to get permission. Hard thing you will run into is you need to know Japanese to speak with the manga creators, animation producers, and anyone else with the rights.

Honestly I didn’t plan to share it or publish it, even less making money of it. I was just for learning purpose.
Do you think I could still have some issue with that ?

Nonprofit? No.

nice animations and all :-).

Well even a non profit can still be taken down. See when they allow one person to do other will do it too. Companies have to protect their trademarks. Some companies are power hungry A holes but even decent carefree companies that may like what your doing still at some points need to step in and close it down. In order to keep a trademark you have to protect it. if you do not protect it you lose it. That is the way they work.

Now as long as you do not represent it in a insulting manner or in a way they could lose money from then you may get bet bye.

If he isn’t releasing this he shouldn’t have any problems. This would fall under 3d fan art which is completely fine.

I know but anything released publicly that uses others copyrights or IP’s can still be taken down. Fan Art may be fine but “Fan game” is another beast.

Here get a hold of these guys. They gave me rights way back when I wanted to make a Fairy Tail Anime MMO. :slight_smile:

Looks nice!

One question: are the attachments the character is carrying animated or are you using physics for that?

It does not matter which form the art comes in, as long as he isn’t releasing it or making a profit he is well within his right to make this. It falls under fan art. If he were to make any of this available to others/the public then he would open himself to a world of copyright issues. But posting pictures and video of art that is never going to be released? He’s fine.

Would it be possible to study your model and textures? I have a character that is textured but it does not look nice at all in engine. I just want to get better.

yeh, give us an overview of you model, you you set up the materials and such, its pretty awesome!!!

Sure thing

Here’s the model ingame :

I’ve got 8 materials for this character : the body is separated in two shaders, with each 2k texture maps, I got one shader for the head, one for the hairs in alpha 1bit, one for the eyes, one simple unlit translucent above the eyes to simulate shadows on eyeball, one for the gears, and one for the sword.

For now, the shaders are really simple, here’s an exemple for the body :

And I also have a post process for the outline effect, masked by custom depth so I can apply it only on the character :

Also, you can find all my process at modeling the mesh in this playlist :

And about legal things, I think I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing right. I won’t publish anything of it to be sure I don’t run into issue :wink:

Nice model, I started a game like this on UDK some time ago, I already did some enemy functions and the cable movements.

I think we could do somethink interesting, but It must be on UDK, UE4 is new and I still need to learn thinks, moreover, in UDK i was using great functions for characters, like FeignDeath() for some actions.

If youre interested MP me!

The model looks great, I suggest you take the time and make an original game, based on the “Attack on Titan” premise. Good luck!

Hi guys,

I have some trouble to understand how physics constraint works, especially the Linear Motor part. In this exemple I’m trying to find a way to link the sphere to the cube, and have a force pulling the sphere towards the cube, like a grappling hook. But as you can see in the video the Linear Motor doesn’t seem to work :

Any idea how to fix that ? Thank you in advance

You can find my set up here :

Eren model does look beast though.

So amazing…

I would love to make this and one day Fairy tail but IP’s are pesky. :slight_smile: As long as they never make a PC or mac based game its harder to protect those IP’s as they would not have their own, but still can be pesky. But from what you have shown this looks nice. I like it but its hard to get attached knowing companies linger like a shadow over the project to one day come at you like a death reaper and take it down. :frowning: But we can all dream right? :slight_smile:

If you make it I will support you, just be cautious.

F Me. That’s Awsome! If there was a game mode where it human vs titans I would be in for it.