Attach lights to skeletal mesh

I have a vehicle asset which i want to place a number of lights in the cockpit to illuminate the character driving it.

I had naively assumed i could just right click and “attach to” in my scene outliner

Im now seeing that the solution requires blueprints (i am very very new to blue prints)
Im most likely doing it wrong - and lack the knowledge of how to do it correctly :slight_smile:

So far i made a new gamemode class (is this even the right place to do it)
created a socket on a bone in vehicles interior.
added the asset as a new component in my empty blue print
added a light- attached to socket and set its values

but i don’t know how to activate that in my scene. what do i need to do in my graph to actually action it
most of the examples i have found are using the player blue print

and will it only ever be visible in play mode?
is there a better way to work so i can better light my shots in the viewport

off to watch more tutorials while i await some guidance :smiley:

thank you for being patient with me


worked it out :slight_smile: