Asset lighting problem?

Hi guys, I have been working on creating modular assets that are seamless.

I have managed to created seamless assets without any noticeable shadow bleed, however when I try doing low level lighting scenes with the assets, because they are separate meshes the lighting makes it obvious that a separate assets :frowning:

How can I fix this?

If it is BSP then reduce the lightmap size (more precise)
If it is a staticmesh then increase the size of the lightmap (more space for shadows informations)


You’ll want to take a look at this thread here: Modular Asset Lighting Problem - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums

This will go through a lot of the caveats to getting rid of seams like this and hopefully give you some better suggestions to get better results.

One thing that post doesn’t do is talk about the importance of not overly breaking up geometry that doesn’t necessarily need it. For something like a room like this it would be better to do each long wall as a single piece along with the floor and ceiling being single pieces as well. While this may seem like a good idea you’re creating more draw calls than is really needed by having multiple assets when you would really only need four from the looks of what you have in the scene already especially given what looks to be a small scale room.

Give the other thread a read and if you have any questions feel free to post questions and screen shots with your problem areas and we can help you sort them out. :slight_smile: