Assertion Failed: Texture->ResourceRHI when switching to Vulkan Preview in 4.25 Oculus

After upgrading to 4.25.3 Oculus Source build, upon attempting to switch from SM5 to Vulkan Preview in my viewport, I am getting a failed assertion.

Assertion Failed: Texture->ResourceRHI
[File: C:/UnrealEngine/Engine/Source/Runtime/RenderCore/Private/RenderGraphBuilder.cpp] Line: 834

Upon opening the solution and going to 834, all I am seeing is check(Texture->ResourceRHI); as seen below.

if (FRDGTextureRef Texture = Parameter.GetAsTexture())
				BarrierBatcher.QueueTransitionTexture(Texture, FRDGResourceState::EAccess::Read);

I am not sure what to do to resolve this, but having the vulkan preview mode is very important for me and I cannot find any resources on how to solve this.

Same issue here, no luck finding a solution yet.

Adding a note to this, Vulkan preview does work just fine in Unreal 4.25 binary install.

Solution: disable anti aliasing in the project settings and then enable the mobile preview.

This happened to me too and couldn’t even open the project without it crashing.

Managed to fix the issue by switching Vulkan Preview off from the EditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini located in project folder\Saved\Config\Windows

Locate and change:

This will not solve the underlying problem that caused the crash in the first place tho.

Thanks, that fixed it for me!

On the Source Oculus 4.25 version I had to set Mobile MSAA to No MSAA so Vulkan Preview would work and stop crashing the Editor.