Assertion error with bShouldBeVisible

Hey community,

I stumbled across a new problem with level streaming.
Currently I set a loaded level visible with:

... ULevelStreamingKismet* toShow ...

if (toShow->GetLoadedLevel() != NULL && !toShow->ShouldBeVisible()) {
	toShow->bShouldBeVisible = true;
	toShow->bShouldBeVisibleInEditor = true;

It works right in the game but if I try to change the visibility of a level in the editor window I get a crash with this message:

Assertion failed: Level->bIsVisible == bShouldBeVisible

I already tried the Flush- und UpdateLevelStreaming functions, but they made no difference.
Do you have any other idea whats the perfect way to change the level visibility without breaking the editor functions?

Thanks in advance,

I started encountering this after using the command-line tool to do a lighting build. When I re-launched the editor the sublevel eyeballs had changed state and when I tried to click 'em it would trigger that assert.